Fort Students' April Newsletter

Fort Students Wednesday Nights

Spiritual Growth has been the running theme for Fort Students this past month. In March, students continued to build and grow their faith in Christ, and the Fort Students ministry expanded in size. The students have completed the book of Matthew this past month, and the students will be starting this month into the book of Genesis as the students come back from spring break, and we will continue to dig deep into God's Word. God has continually made way for us as we continue to move toward the Crossings camp trip this year, among other events. He has also provided for Fort Student's ministry in multiple situations as we have served Him. God is so Good!

Please keep the ministry of Fort Students in your prayers as we move forward and serve the Lord as we do his will for our lives.

In the Beginning Sermon Series

As Students return to Fort Students from spring break this month, we will start a new sermon series called In the Beginning. This sermon series will cover the Bible's first book, Genesis, in its entirety from start to finish. The Book of Genesis is the start in God's Word, and it helps us to answer the questions of where the whole of creation started and what happened in the early starting points of human history.

As we dig through God's word in Genesis, we encourage students to read and study alongside the sermons and squads to build a better understanding and relationship with the Lord as He guides us during this season of our lives.

Fort Students Squads in April

This month at fort Students, Squads will be on April 14th and April 28th. Squads are held at the Prentice residence for the boys, and the McAfee residence for the girls on 4th Sundays. On 2nd Sundays squads will be co-ed at the Prentice household. Squads will be from 6pm to 8pm on the second and fourth Sunday nights of each month. As students attend the squads, they enjoy a good time of Bible learning, fellowship, and a deeper understanding of God's Word.

For additional details or inquiries about Squads, please contact Student Minister Donny Lewis.

Fort Students' O'Reilly's Fundraiser Coming Soon

In addition to our current breakfast fundraiser, we will launch a new fundraiser next month. We will continue to raise funds for our trip to Crossings Camp by having a car wash at the O'Reilly Auto Parts Store parking lot in Chickamauga on May 5th and May 18th. More details of this fundraiser and other fundraisers will be coming soon.

For the fundraiser to move us forward into crossings camp, we need a lot of participation from our students at fort students and support from our church and community.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to serve God and accomplish His will for our lives.

Crossings Camp Deposit Update

As we draw near to our Crossing Camp trip here at Fort Students, the last two deposit deadlines for the trip are approaching. A deposit of $100 is due on April 28th, and the last deposit of $150 is due on May 19th for a total of $350 with both deposits.

For additional details or inquiries about Crossing Camp deposits or for Crossing Camp trips in general, please get in touch with Student Minister Donny Lewis.

April Student Spotlight - Chevy and Dakota Brown

This Month at Fort Students, we would like to recognize Chevy and Dakota Brown. Chevy and Dakota have been blossoming in the ministry of Fort Students as they serve alongside their fellow students and leaders. They have both been attending service at Fort Students regularly, and Dakota is willing and has desires to be part of worship and music here at Fort Students.

As God moves and accomplishes His will in the Ministry of Fort Students, please continue to pray for our students as they serve the Lord by doing His will for their lives.


More fundraising dates to be announced soon!

May 4th and 18th: Fundraiser Car Wash

May 5th: Parent Meeting for Camp

May 19th: Final Payment for Camp due ($350 total)

June 3-7: Summer Camp

June 10-13: Church-wide Mission Trip to First Baptist India-Atlantic

November 1-3: Discipleship Now Weekend

More Dates to come as well as more details on these dates as we get closer!