Serve as a Greeter!

Here you can find all the information you need to know about serving as a greeter

What is the purpose of greeting?

The purpose is to greet every person with the love of Christ, that they feel Christ’s love as they walk onto the campus and enter through the doors. Greet every guest so they feel welcomed as they enter into a time of worship. The greeting ministry is one of the most crucial ministries of the church, as we encounter visitors for the first time, you are the frontline. Greeting is an opportunity to express the love of Christ to all who enter.

How long is the term to serve as a greeter?

Greeters and the greeter coordinator are asked to serve for one year. At the end of the year, greeters and the greeter coordinator are welcome to continue serving. Greeters will serve once a month on a greeter rotation during the Sunday morning worship service in addition to special events as they come up throughout the year.

What will you do as a greeter?

  • Greeters will be scheduled once a month to serve at a specific location. If you are unable to serve during your scheduled time, please contact the Greeter Coordinator at least 3 days before the scheduled time
  • Arrive at their post 20 minutes before service begins and remain at their post until 10 minutes after service has started
  • Look over any material/resources and be ready to answer any questions attendees may have pertaining to the material/resource(s) or the church. Distribute to every attendee
  • Know where the restrooms, emergency exits, worship center, children’s area/resources, squads, etc. are located and be able to direct attendees to those specific areas
  • Open the door(s) for all attendees
  • Greet everyone with a warm and welcoming smile 
  • Make eye contact with every guest
  • As you talk with guests, pay attention to their interest and needs and be sure to make the conversation about the guest
  • Questions/Statements to avoid: “Are you new”, “Is this your first time”, “I don’t think I’ve met you before”
  • Do not allow conversations with friends to take you away from greeting and watching for visitors. It is important to greet visitors
  • At the end of service, be available at your location to greet guests as they leave
  • Attend church services regularly
  • Dress modestly and professionally

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