Serve on the Tech Ministry Team!

Here you can find information about serving on the tech ministry team

What is the purpose of the tech ministry?

The tech ministry exists to remove distractions in our worship service by providing quality audio and visual aspects to our worship service. By removing distractions, the tech ministry helps individuals in our services better focus on worshipping God and hearing from God. By providing quality audio and visual aspects to our worship services, they help our services better communicate biblical truths to every person in attendance.

How long is the term for serving on the tech team?

Every individual on the tech team is asked to serve for one year. At the end of the year, you are welcome to continue serving. Individuals on the tech team will serve once a month on a rotation during the Sunday morning worship service in addition to special events as they come up throughout the year.

What Will You Do in the Tech Ministry?


  • Setup sound equipment
  • Insure quality sound
  • Monitor the audio levels during the service
  • Tear down sound equipment


  • Setup any lighting equipment
  • Setup our projector
  • Use Proclaim to display our lyric and sermon slides during service
  • Record the service

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