What ministries does Fort Baptist have that I can join and serve?

Ministries work together like a puzzle

Every ministry at Fort Baptist fits together like a beautiful puzzle. Each ministry is important and vital to the mission Fort Baptist has, and without each of these ministries, we could not do what we do! Thank you for showing interest in the ministries of our church, and we encourage you to sign-up to serve in at least one!

Fort Worship

Our worship team takes serious worshiping Jesus, and they do a great job leading us every week! The worship team consists of not only musicians and singers, but also includes our tech and media team. We would love for you to serve Jesus by serving in our worship team as a part of our media team, musicians, singers, and/or tech team! Sign up to serve on the form below!

Fort Students

Our Fort Student Ministry is making a difference in the lives of students grades 6-12. We are excited to start our Fort Student Ministry services on August 23rd at 4 PM in the White Oak Room at the Ringgold colonnade! We also have frequent events where students can get together and build relationships with one another!

For more information on our Fort Student ministry, click here.

We not only want students to have fun, but to ultimately connect to God and grow as a follower of Jesus! Email our student minister, Donny Lewis (, for more information about upcoming events, and be sure to check out our section, "Upcoming Events," by clicking here. Are you interested in serving with our students? Sign up on the form below!


A squad is an incredible place to find community where you gather with other believers to study the Bible, pray, mobilize to serve, and grow in your faith! You can learn more about squads by clicking here. Are you interested in serving in a squad? Sign up on the form below!


Everyone likes to feel appreciated and welcomed wherever they go! As a greeter in our greeting ministry, you have the opportunity to brighten someone's day and show them a glimpse of God's love when they worship with us. Our greeters are the first step someone takes towards encountering God at Fort Baptist! We'd love for you to serve as a greeter! Sign up on the form below!


Our tech ministry is an integral part of our services at Fort Baptist. As a member of the tech ministry, you have the opportunity to help others worship God by displaying song lyrics with the projector, recording the service for people who could not attend a service, removing distractions so people can focus on connecting with God, and insuring the sound is clear. We'd love for you to serve on the tech team! Sign up on the form below!